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Püttmann Jewelers: For Buying, Trading, and Appraising Old Gold and Gold Jewelry

Püttmann Jewelers, located in Diemen and Almere (to be precise, in Almere-Buiten/Flevoland), has been in business for over 56 years and will never betray your trust.

The highest gold price per gram? There are so many websites that promise you the world, luring you with the highest gold price or the highest price per gram for your old silver or gold coins and silver coins. We promise you a genuinely high-quality and competitive offer for your old jewelry. It may not be the absolute highest offer in the whole of the Netherlands, but for those few cents of difference, you don't need to rush to another provider. Feel free to compare! Our margin on buying gold and silver fluctuates between 8 and 18 percent.

The more gold weight you bring in, the lower the margin we apply. We always pay the correct gold price and silver price at any time of the day. The moment you present your old scrap gold or scrap silver to us in Diemen or Almere-Buiten determines the gold price or silver price of that day. We appraise your jewelry for the correct gold content or silver content while you wait. Appraising old gold and silver for intake is, in principle, free of charge. For very large quantities of old gold and silver that require a lot of testing, we can discuss taking some extra time. Rest assured, your old gold and silver jewelry are in trusted hands with us.

Gold, the shiny precious metal that has captivated people all over the world for centuries, has always held a special place in people's hearts and wallets. Owning gold jewelry is not only a sign of prosperity, but it also tells stories of generations, cherished memories, and emotional value. But what happens when those jewelry pieces lose their luster, go unworn, or when you simply need some extra cash? This is where buying, trading, and appraising old gold at Püttmann Jewelers comes into play.

Whether you're curious about the value of those old heirlooms or looking for ways to earn extra money, we have all the information you need.

The Treasure Chest in Your Drawer - Old Gold Jewelry

Most of us have old gold jewelry lying somewhere in a drawer, safe, or jewelry box that we no longer wear. Perhaps they are heirlooms from grandparents, an engagement ring from a previous marriage, or simply jewelry that has gone out of style. But that doesn't mean they've lost their value. Let's take a look at the steps you can take to bring those old gold treasures back to life.


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